Isaiah 43:18-19
“Do not hold on to the past, do not allow yourself to be paralyzed today by what happened yesterday.  Behold, I will do a new thing.  It is for now, for today, says the Lord.  Are you willing to receive it and to believe me for it?”
Matthew 25:36
” I needed clothes and you clothed me; I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.”
This Victims Memorial sits just outside the IAC (Institutional Activities Coordinator’s) room within the Northeast Correctional Center in Bowling Green, Missouri.  It was conceived of, and purchased through the fund-raising efforts of those offenders participating in the Restorative Justice program.  Many of the programs below that we participate in as Volunteers in Corrections take place in the IAC, so it is a reminder to everyone entering the IAC so willing to reflect in humble self-examination.

Matthew 25 Project for Restorative Justice

Matthew 25:36
” I needed clothes and you clothed me; I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.”
The Matthew 25 Project is an extremely purposeful program that affords churches the opportunity to partner with Missouri Prisoners to make a difference in local communities.
Our church will be collecting YARN, FABRIC, and OLD WOOL SWEATERS for the Restorative Justice Organization at Northeast Correctional Center.
Matthew 25 Project
A heartfelt thanks to members for the generous responses received and still being received through November 2015 to the  Matthew 25 Project Restorative Justice Drive. 
It is exciting that more hands in our family  will be providing an opportunity for these motivated men to give back to the communities they harmed, and in turn – even without considering our Matthew 25 drive contributions, I have requested for our church to receive Gift Items that we can provide to any families we identify needing assistance with  winter survival essentials, such as hats, gloves, mittens & blankets, along with other items our congregation provides this year in living with our hearts and hands the Matthew 25 calling.
This photo gallery now represents two deliveries to be made for our Matthew 25 project to the Northeast Correctional Center.  This project is a success solely because of the generosity and acts of loving kindness from our members giving to this  cause.  Much of the funding for the restorative justice organization within NECC comes from the recycling of aluminum cans.  The price of aluminum has dropped from .55 to .35 per lb., so this contribution comes at a time when funding for their organization is very lean and they were in dire need of these materials.  It has truly uplifted the mens hearts  and given them hope.
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Following the first delivery to RJO, even as these gifts of encouragement were being dropped off, I gift of gratitude was given back to me.  While there are additional things that may be available from the RJO, this following is an example of their good works, and is entrusted to Fairgrounds Road to find needy hands to accept these Hats and coloring books.  There are 150 crocheted hats, 50 Large, 50 Medium and 50 small.  There are thirty coloring books – Fun with Coloring, Sports coloring books, and Holiday coloring books.  I pray it opens new doors for out family to give to those in need.
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Events Calendar



StoryLink (2nd Saturday monthly)  Arrive at 8:00, generally concludes around 10:30-11:00 a.m. departure.

The goal of StoryLink is to strengthen the bonds of family between offenders and their school-aged children and grandchildren. It is an extremely purposeful and popular program among the offenders and staff alike presented once each month.

Non-sexual offenders who are 90 days free of conduct violations are able to participate in StoryLink. Children’s books provided by StoryLink are selected for reading. The participants begin with a short introductory message to the child and then read a story book that is recorded to a CD or cassette tape under the supervision of a volunteer in corrections The recordings and books are sent to the child through an approved guardian at no cost to the offender or the family.
More about StoryLink may be found on the founder’s website:  http://www.libertybelleministries.org/

Restorative Justice  (3rd Monday monthly)  Arrive around 6:00 p.m., and concludes approximately 8:30 p.m.

Based on the following mission statement, a volunteer in corrections must be involved in these once monthly meetings. The number of actual hours the offenders give toward this effort is amazing. NECC is the largest contributor in the state in produce, and they also make blankets, hats, gloves for the homeless, and give through various charities and contribute to church charity efforts as well.

RJO Mission Statement: With the realization that our criminal actions have damaged the lives of others, we are committed to reach beyond the barriers of our incarceration and make a difference in the communities we hurt. We choose to demonstrate our commitment to positive change and the No More Victims philosophy by giving our resources to the Restorative Justice cause, victims, and various charities.

Ascent Gavel Club at the Northeast Correctional Center – affiliated with Toastmaster’s International (1st & 4th Saturday monthly).

Serving along with two volunteers for this twice-monthly program within the Northeast Correctional Center as an active Gavel Club member that is progressing through the Toastmasters Communications and Leadership Development Programs alongside other club members in pursuit of self-improvement.

Offenders Offering Alternatives (OOA)  (1st, 2nd, & 4th Monday monthly).

The purpose of this program is to confront, engage with, and encourage individuals who have been identified as likely to be incarcerated, in an effort to awaken them into reconsidering their current path of crime. This group is meeting three times each month.

Individuals participating are shown the prison life they are heading for, and presented with impactful personal testimonials by incarcerated offenders. Key themes of the offender testimonials include: The hole I dug, The life I gave away, Psychological prison, and Harsh reality. While the themes to be covered are set, they are established only as guidelines for the offender’s as they develop their own life testimonies, that provide a real view into prison life aimed at altering the course of would-be offenders to steer them away from their own incarceration. The offenders must develop and present testimonials for all themes as part of their own contributions to the program.  In other words – It comes from the heart…

Prison Ministry is so personally rewarding.  It keeps the teachings of Jesus about the lost sheep and the parable of the prodigal son very close to my heart.  The men I work with appreciate the encouragement they receive toward bettering themselves and giving back in a spirit of restitution and restoration.  Along with accepting the grace of Christ Jesus there are ample biblical examples demonstrating acts of restitution and good works.  The men also encourage me and truly  inspire me to witness for Christ.  Prison Ministry offers an opportunity to work alongside other brothers and sisters in Christ in unity to take the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ to these men in dire need of  His love, mercy, and redemption. ~ Wayne Robinson
A HOPE AND PRAYER for New Life Behavior Ministries.
June 10-12th, 2015 Memphis Tennessee.  42nd Annual Jail and Prison Ministry Workshop was hosted by Highland Church of Christ. 
Prayer Request:  On Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015 A proposal was submitted to lead New Life Behavior Modification Courses within the Northeast Correctional Center, in Bowling Green, Missouri.  Please pray for this door to be opened if it is in keeping with God’s will.  Update:  In November 2015 a new prison chaplain will begin his duties, at which time I will knock on the door  again.  Update:  A new chaplain will begin working in early November and I will knock on the door again regarding the New Life Behavior Ministries.
A great blessings surrounding the New Life Behavior Modification ministry is that it has already been approved as a behavior modification course in the state of Missouri, so offenders completing the course will receive credits as long as I am a certified instructor.  From June 10-12, 2015 I attended a prison ministry conference in Memphis, Tennessee for the purpose of obtaining instructor certification.  I met a regional representative, Willie Jackson, who had encouraged me to pursue this NLBM curriculum instructor certification, and I also study through the following website learning center:
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More information may be found at:  New Life Behavior Ministries
I am very excited about this faith-based curriculum that consists of thirteen primary courses.  The Bible, and teachings of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ, are frequently referenced to demonstrate that statements made are consistent with what is believed as divine revelation.  Some courses within the curriculum are meant to lead participants along the path to salvation – to our savior, Jesus Christ, with the only limits exemplified in the parable of the sower.
One of the programs for which I am trying try to prepare is CASA – Christians Against Substance Abuse, and similarly, The Unbound Word literature that provide teaching from God’s word that support and underly the 12 steps of the most well-known program for overcoming Alcoholism – Alcoholics Anonymous.  AA is perhaps the most successful program focusing on sobriety, and does not want to leave anyone out of the pursuit of sobriety.  GOD as you understand the concept of God, and spirituality are primary focal points of the program.
The Unbound Word and Christians Against Substance Abuse have a supplementary goal of introducing the One Almighty God and creator of our universe to help lead us to God through Christ Jesus.   Jesus came to call sinners to repentence!  He walks among His churches today. 
When we follow God’s revealed plan for salvation we have Jesus to intercede for us on our behalf with God.  Jesus serves as our High Priest, and the gift of the Holy Spirit is also present to help us onto a path to eternal salvation.
If you are needing to find your way off a destructive path of addiction, and are interested in learning about the one almighty God and our Savior Jesus Christ, feel free to visit our church and request a Journey to Recovery Through Christ – CASA’s 12-Step Study Bible.  At this time this is a local community outreach.
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