Welcome to Fairgrounds Road Church of Christ

The congregation here is a part of the church of Christ referred to in the New Testament as the “Body of Christ” repentant, baptized believers in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.  The church of Christ operates under no guide, manual, or creed book other than the bible and strives to continue to be non-denominational and non-sectarian.  We wear the name church of Christ to show ownership rather than affiliation.  Our goal is to follow the Bible and the Bible only.  Using the New Testament as our guide and pattern, you will find worship to consist of the same acts of worship and praise authorized and practiced by Christians of the first century – singing, reading, study of the scriptures, contribution for the work of the church, prayer and observation of the Lord’s Supper.
This congregation strives to remain loyal to the church duties and responsibilities as directed by our Lord:  taking the gospel to the lost, serving our fellow man, and worshipping our God and Father.  We sincerely welcome you as you share this Christian experience with us today.

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