Children’s Home 

We give on a quarterly basis to Children’s Home in Paragould, Arkansas
 Camp Ne-O-Tez 
We encourage our membership to bring their up their youth having this outdoors experience in teaching, praise, and worship.  We contribute an amount annually, as well as quarterly in support of Camp Ne-O-Tez.  Once your kids have this experience it encourages lifelong friendships and desire to walk with Christ.  It is through these get-aways from the daily routine,and the media bombardment of worldly standards that our youth discover their encounter with Christ, and to experience a beautiful setting in nature where God’s creation and handiwork is made known in our hearts.
Beginning in 2016 an initiative has been undertaken to spread the Good News of salvation through our savior, Jesus Christ, by offering to help sponsor the friend of any member attending Camp Ne-O-Tez.  Also, if a member is in need of assistance to provide this opportunity for their children to learn about God and Jesus Christ, in a setting where God’s existence is undisputable, then please talk to one of our elders, or our youth director, Lee Losh.  GO TELL A FRIEND ABOUT JESUS!!!
At Camp Ne-O-Tez we train youth to walk with Christ tree with arrow
 Christian Education – Encouraging Disciples of Christ
Our church family feels it is important to encourage Christian Education and Leader’s in the hopes, prayers, and expectation they will heed the calling to go out and preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world.  As part of this commitment we offer to our church members a $500 contribution per semester, up to $1000 annually towards any approved four year Christian College Education program, subject to the approval of our church elders.  Many Christian colleges offer matching contribution programs that we are happy to work together towards qualification.
Christian Academy of Greater St. Louis has touched the lives of our members and we annually support their K thru 12 education and spiritual ministry.
Local Community Outreach and Invitation
 We reach out to your community in various ways with Vacation Bible School being a fun and cherished way to pour ourselves into delivering the gospel and reaching out spread the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ to entire families through their love for their children. 
We are building excitement toward giving by actively conducting a Matthew 25 project drive to provide cloth, quilting materials, and yarn to be given to the Restorative Justice Organization within the Northeast Correctional Center – a motivated organization fulfilling a pledge to give back to the communities they have harmed through their own actions.  We have also requested to be a recipient of hats, mittens, sweaters, quilts, and other supplies that we can be instrumental Godly hands in a ministry of giving, especially targeting children and needy families during the Christmas season. 
Other benevolent giving within and outside our congregation is directed through our church eldership.
Broadening our outreach to spread the Gospel
 In late 2014, our members David and Mari Robinson introduced a visiting speaker.  We were truly blessed to hear Paul Renganathan give a presentation of his ministry with the World Bible School in Chenai, India.  In response to the needs identified we donated money to dig a new well, and through follow-on individual contributions we are sponsoring ongoing the development of preachers to spread the news of Salvation through Jesus Christ in India.  We pray it is a good beginning and look forward to Paul’s return to re-enforce a personal bond in brining Glory to God through Christ.  We are praying for ways where members of our church family would have an opportunity to do missionary work.
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